Tuesday            1-5:30
Wednesday       11-3
Thursday          1-5:30
Friday               11-3

2151 NW Fillmore Ave.
Corvallis, OR  97330
(Behind Rice's Pharmacy)

Sliding Scale Fees:
First visit              $25-$45
Follow up visits   $15-$35
Pay what you can afford.
Everyone qualifies.

Gentle - Affordable - Relaxing
Welcome to Corvallis Community Acupuncture. We provide a safe, welcoming space for you to experience deep relaxation while receiving the benefits of acupuncture. We recommend acupuncture for stress management, discomfort and pain of all types, hormonal conditions, sleep issues, trauma and recovery, and more. For a complete list of conditions we treat, please visit our services page.

Licensed acupuncturist Leyna Jensen specializes in gentle, painless techniques. Our sliding scale is offered to make it possible for you to receive enough acupuncture to get better and stay better.

For more information call us at (541)753-8000
or email corvallisacupuncture@gmail.com

What people say about us:

"What great service and care...one of the most relaxing experiences I have ever had." -google reviewer

"The more I go, the better I feel."
-Alicia P.

"Typically I would see results after 1-2 sessions for my anxiety and issues with sleep. I highly recommend."
-Abigail S.

"I've used her for headaches, insomnia, low energy, muscle injuries and the lingering effects of pneumonia. I find that if I get a treatment about once a month...I stay healthy...a special and important community resource."
-Alison C.
Clinic News

October Special

Frequent Recliner Cards
On Sale:
5 visits for $65
*Limit 2 per person (may buy unlimited as gifts).
$10 new patient fee applies.
Not transferable. No expiration.

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2151 NW Fillmore Ave. Corvallis, OR  97330
Non-discrimination Statement:
This office appreciates the diversity of human beings and does not discriminate on the basis of race, age, religion, ability, marital status, sexual orientation, sex, gender identity, height, weight, national origin, language, education, or HIV status.